One Password To Remember Them All

KeePass Password Safe

I have so many accounts in the internet.  Email, online banking, social networks, etc.  And each account requires different usernames and most importantly, passwords.  Previously, so that I can remember the usernames and passwords for each account that I have, I have this excel file in which I will save both my usernames and passwords in it.  This procedure is quite tedious, and certainly not automated.  But it is still effective is some ways.  That was until I found out KeePass Password Safe.

One thing I like about KeePass is that, it is a set-it-and-forget-it type of application.  You can set powerful AES-encryption type passwords without even remembering it.  On my favorite social network account, I don’t really remember my password because it was a combination of different kinds of characters, including brackets, spaces & ASCII codes.  But then, I can still login to it.  One utility I like most about KeePass was its Auto-type function.  Though I don’t remember the passwords I’ve set to my online (and even offline) accounts, the Auto-type function, as its name implies, will automatically types the username and password on the selected account.  It’s easy as that.  Or if auto-type function doesn’t work, you can just just copy and paste both the username and password.

Overall, KeePass has save me a great deal because of its simple, yet effective technique.  One thing though, you still have to remember the one password for the KeePass database which will contain all your saved usernames and passwords.  But then, this is much better than trying to remember a hundred, right?