Ever wanted to create your own custom theme when sending new emails through your Microsoft Outlook. Well, you’re in luck because the following steps will teach you just how to do that:

1. Create first a graphic that you will use as your theme, it can be jpeg, gif, or png.

2. Go to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Stationery\1033.


3. Save your created graphics file to this folder.

4. Choose any of the HTM files, you will have to edit one of these. Make sure to backup first the HTM file that you will edit by copy-pasting it to this same folder. Rename it to something you would recognize as the original HTM file.

5. After creating the backup, open the HTM file you chose using NOTEPAD (right-click > Open with > Notepad).


6. Locate the body background tag. Replace the name of the current image file with the one that you just saved in this same folder.



Replace the body background image filename with the filename of your own graphics that you saved in this folder.

7. Save the file. If you’re denied access, save your file first to any other location. Once you’re able to save your customized HTM file, copy (or cut) it, go back to the Stationery\1033 folder and then paste your customized HTM file. Replace the existing HTM file. If you’re ask for a permission, just press CONTINUE.

8. Open your Microsoft Outlook, then go to TOOLS > OPTIONS. Choose the MAIL FORMAT tab. Click STATIONERY AND FONTS. Click THEME, then click the file the you just customized. You will see that it has loaded your graphics. If you’re satisfied with it, click OK until you’re back to the main Outlook interface.



9. Try creating a new e-mail message and it will load your customized theme. Pretty neat, isn’t it?

Please be noted that the custom theme will only work on new emails. Replies and forwarded emails will not utilize your customized theme. If you have an idea on just how to do that, please do share it, I would also like to know. Peace y’all!