Create Your “Circles” on Facebook and Increase the Privacy of Your Posts.

For the uninitiated, Circles is a Google+ privacy control scheme in which you categorize your acquaintances into circles (groups), allowing you to control who will see your streams or posts, unless you selected Public. Facebook has the same privacy control scheme in which, instead of Circles, you will then create Lists. I think this is already old in Facebook, it was just overlooked. But not anymore, if you want to increase your privacy in Facebook, just follow these simple steps:

1. Open up your PROFILE and click FRIENDS.

2. Click the EDIT FRIENDS button.

3. Click the CREATE A LIST button.

4. A pop-up window will appear. You will then be asked to ENTER A LIST NAME. Example: Relatives.

5. Click on the pictures of the people that you want to include in your list. A CHECK MARK will appear for every selection. If you’ve mistakenly clicked a person, just click that same picture again to remove the CHECK MARK. After you’re done with the selection, click the CREATE LIST button. You will see on the left side of your Facebook page the name of the List that you just created.

6. After you’re done creating Lists, go to your HOME page. Click the UPDATE STATUS box. Beside the POST button, there is a drop-down menu selection. Select CUSTOM.

7. The CUSTOM PRIVACY WINDOW will pop-up. Choose SPECIFIC PEOPLE on the drop-down menu, and on the blank text box that pop-up, type in the first letters of the LIST name. You can then just select it on the drop-down menu that will appear. You can include multiple LIST if you like. After that, click the SAVE CHANGES button.

8. You will then be brought back to your HOME window, and post whatever it is that you want to post “privately”.

It’s simple as that. As you tinker along with this technique, you will still discover new ways of customizing your LISTS. And there you have it, your own Facebook “Circles”.