WordPress’ Tiring SSL Error

Is it just me or why is it that whenever I want to post something on my WordPress, I always have to deal with this? As far as I’m concerned, I’ve tried every bit of solution to try to work around this, but still I have to encounter this every time I logon to my WordPress account. I’m currently using Google Chrome as my primary browser, but even when I tried using other browsers, this error still comes up. I’ve ticked every SSL and TLS security settings on my browser, allowed all cookies, run my browser on an Administrator account, even configure my firewall to grant a Trusted Application status to my browser, but still, Error 107 (SSL Connection Error). I’m getting fed up with this s***. I know its free, but then at least provide you user with some pleasant experience. As much as I liked WordPress, I might transfer to Google’s Blogger if this continues.

Wordpress SSL Error

I'm gettin' tired of this s***!

UPDATE : Seems like using Firefox makes my WordPress experience more bearable…