My Top 5 Android Apps

There are more than 100,000 apps on the Android Market; some are good, others are better.  And each one of us has different choices, since we all have different uses for our beloved Android devices.  But, there are apps that we prioritize installing on our devices than other apps. Following is my top 5 apps from the Android Market, in no particular order:


Lookout Mobile Security

Lookout Security – this app has two versions, the free and paid. The difference is that the paid one has a Privacy Advisor which “analyzes apps that access your private information, such as location, contacts, and messages and Safe Browsing which protects you from “phishing and malware on the web.” Nevertheless, even without these two functions in the free versions, the real-time security that Lookout will provide is suffice enough to guard you from malicious content. The free app also includes the Missing Device function which can “locate, lock, scream, or wipe your device from”.

Juice Defender

Juice Defender – like the prior app (I think most apps in the market do), this also has a paid and free version. This app will help you “reclaim your battery”. What that means is that, it will help you manage the most power hungry functions in your device, i.e. 3G/2G connectivity and Wi-Fi, turning them off when you’re low on power, to save you until you can plug your device again. The free version comes with most of the profiles, except the Extreme profile.


KeePassDroid – without this app, logging in to my online account would be very, very difficult. KeePassDroid is a password manager apps that helps you managed your usernames and passwords by storing them in a password database. I don’t remember most of my passwords, even my online banking accounts profile, because most of the passwords that I utilized are AES-encrypted strong. So this app is a must for my device.

Pulse News

Pulse – this is for my daily dose of news feeds, mostly tech. But you can select from wide variety of feeds, categorized to specific topics. You can download the feeds and read it later. The feeds are taken into a colorful and interactive mosaic, in which you just click on specific news, and it will open up the content of that feed.


Titanium Backup – very useful, especially if you’re planning to perform a full factory reset of your device. You definitely don’t want to start all over again, downloading apps from the Market. Install the app after the factory reset, and then effortlessly restore your apps and data.  You can even choose to restore only specific apps or data. It’s definitely a time-saver, especially if you have some important data along with the app.